Welcome to Beth Shalom’s Trope Class Page

Welcome to my Trope Page. Here you will find the sound files and assignments for Congregation Beth Shalom’s Trope Class and reference pages for ANYONE interested in either learning or refreshing their knowledge of Biblical cantillation (otherwise known as Trope or T’amim).

If you are a Bar or Bat Mitzvah student, mazal tov and b’hatzlacha (good luck) on your journey. It is the beginning of your bar or bat mitzvah preparation. Come back weekly to get new assignments and listen to the files, which correspond to your Red workbook.

Blessing and Prayer Sound Files

Haftarah Trope Pattern/Phrase Sound files

Siddur Sound files

Torah Trope Pattern Sound files


Autumn 2011 Trope Class

Supply List: please bring to class each week:

  • Red Workbook,
  • sharp pencils,
  • plastic (not paper) post-it flags
  1. Week 1 Blessings before and After Torah, Sof Pasuk and Et Nachta Trope Patterns

  2. Week 2: Introduce Blessing Before Chanting Haftarah, Katon Trope Patterns

  3. Week 3:  Blessing Before Chanting Haftarah, Revi’i Trope Patterns

  4. Week 4: Blessings After Haftarah #2 (paragraph 3 on pg. 20), Darga-Tevir Trope Patterns

  5. Week 5: Blessings After Haftarah #1 (first two paragraphs on pg. 20), Zarka-Segol Trope Patterns (bottom of p. 7)
  6. Week 6: Blessings After Haftarah 3 (top of page 21), Azla, Y’tiv and Zakef Gadol Haftarah Trope Patterns (all of p. 8)

  7. Week 7: Blessings After Haftarah 4 (Bottom 2 paragraphs, p. 21), Pazer and Telisha G’dola patterns (all of p. 9)

  8. Week 8 Sof Haftarah patterns–review everything for final session!!!!!!!

  9. Week 9: Final Review/Testing on all blessings and Tropes